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Transformational Leadership and Covid-19 (Relevance)!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our life drastically, changed the work and the related context, socializing ways and interactions. The things have changed beyond our imagination, and the need of the hour is to accept the new normal. This has confused and challenged the human brains and it has become very important that we accept the new changes of social distancing, technological changes happening in the organisations following the new norms. The major challenge is for the leadership of the organisations, what patterns or style to follow. It is evident that with such a devastating and dynamic situation, the leadership has to be flexible, accept new norms, and acknowledge the importance of human health, acting quickly and very empathetic. Harsh decisions taken by the leaders will make us survive this catastrophe. Transformational leadership is found to be the perfect leadership style in the case of crisis situation. And, in this paper, we want to understand the importance of transformational leadership style in correspondence to COVID-19, as obviously societies are transformed. Life would never be same again, even if the situation goes normal. Relevance of transformational leadership style is looked upon in this new normal in this paper. Keywords - Leadership, Transformational Leadership Style, Pandemic, Covid-19