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Design of ECG and EEG Monitoring System Using 180 nm Technology

This paper presents a design of ECG and EEG monitoring system. This system includes various functional blocks such as protection circuit, instrumentation amplifier, band pass filter and a main amplifier. The function of protection circuit is to protect the patient and the subsequent stages of the system from high voltages. A high performance instrumentation amplifier is cascaded with protection circuit. Since instrumentation amplifier has high gain and CMRR it rejects most of common mode noise signals and amplifies ECG and EEG signals efficiently. A band pass filter is used to pass signals of desired frequency band. A main amplifier provides an additional gain so that the desired amplitudes range of biomedical signals is achieved. The overall gain achieved for this system is 38 dB having a bandwidth of 316 Hz. Total power consumed by the circuit is 1.35 mW. Keywords - Biomedical Applications, ECG, EEG, Monitoring System