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Human Development and Capability: A Perspective Study in the Tribal Inhabited District of Kokrajhar

From the experience of several countries it has been realised that there is no automatic link between the level of income and the state of human welfare, and which had prompted the socio-economic experts to look for alternative development paradigms, leading to the emergence of the human development approach. Growth of gross domestic product (GDP) is not the same thing as an expansion of human capabilities. The two are, of course, linked but they are not identical (Griffin and Knight: 1990). Human Development is a composite index derived on the basis of dimensional achievements in health, education and income. The state of Assam is lagging behind the other states of the country and districts in terms of human development indicators; and the condition is even more worsening in the tribal inhabited district of Kokrajhar. There exists wide spread poverty, low levels of educational attainment and prevailing of ill-health conditions. As per Assam Human Development Report, 2014, the district is ranked 20th in terms of human development indicators; inter block disparities also significant. Considering the aspects stated above, present study is an attempt to make a systematic inquiry into the block wise human development aspects in the tribal inhabited district of Korajhar; and to draw future policy implications. Keywords - Human Development, Deprivations, Health Index, Education Index, Income Index, Quality of Life, Consumer’s Surplus, Tribal Inhabited, UNDP