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Block Chain Smart Contracts in Music Industry to Prevent Piracy

Blockchain has main characteristics that give security, secrecy and honesty of information with no outsider as a in charge of the transactions. Blockchain gives an answer for distinguishing the realness of items. While giving irreversible records of exchanges in the advanced world, thus innovation can comparatively apply to substantial great creation by offering a one of a kind character to every item through NFC chip, QR code, or RFID tag. By utilizing these labels, makers can connect certifiable creation to the advanced world and track the existence pattern of items. The upside of applying this innovation is that each progression in the advancement would be actually recorded, which implies an approved creation can't be copied. This paper focuses on how Blockchain works as a revolution in music industry. The objective is to define smart contracts in media industry to make a decentralized condition where no outsider is in charge of the exchanges and information. Keywords - Blockchain, Media Industry, Smart Contract, Etherum, Crypto contracts