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Crop Pattern

Agriculture is a hand-wringing tool given by nature to the whole of life, which has not only changed the way of human life, but has also changed the entire economy and over time most of the economic activity has depended on it. We will discuss the topic of "Study of Crop Variation in India", Factors Affecting Crop Variety, Importance of Crop Variety in Agriculture, Sowing of Crops in Agriculture, Crop Selection, and Changes in Cultivation of Different Crops, Crop Productivity and We will also discuss the changes in production and the factors affecting them. We will use secondary data here. In which internet medium, magazines, current, letters, pre-research, etc. will be used here. As we know, our country has an agriculture minister. Where the raw material required for industry comes from the agricultural sector. Which boosts the country’s economy. Thus, we will study the meaning of crop pattern, its definition, the factors affecting it, etc. Agriculture is found to be inextricably linked with human life. And agriculture in India is said to represent the backbone of the country's economy. In this context the subject research work also becomes full of importance.