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What is Philosophy

Philosophy (from Greek: the word Philo and Sophia, derived from two words. Philo means love and Sophia means wisdom. Thus "Philosophy" or Philosopher who is the wise man in the form of love. Brings to the attention of the student in a room where values, causes, general and basic questions about mind language are also studied. Such questions often arise as problems, then they are studied and solved. Questionnaire in philosophical methods, critical discussion. This includes rational argument and systematic representation. Thus, nothing is presented in a complicated way but is adopted in a simple, pragmatic and instinctive way. Classic philosophical questions include: "Is it possible to know anything?", And if so, "Can we prove it?" At the same time, it raises practical and concrete questions such as: "Is there a better way to live a life?" "With this comes the logical argument that it is better to do injustice than to tolerate injustice. ''