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A Novel And Reliable Renewable Energy Storage System

Today, Energy consumption has become a major problem that the world is facing. These problems include the future of fossil fuels, drastic changes in the climate, economical degradation and so on. To make us stand in these adverse and unexpected situations or problems, it requires us to adopt some well planned renewable energy policies, developing technologies or systems that support the major requirements of energy consumption. As we all are moving towards the developments and achievements in the science and technology, the importance to energy and its storage is arising in every field. Energy storage plays a very important part in the management of everything as it allows us to create a more flexible and reliable grid system. The energy storage is a serious concern as this allows a lot of other works to take place for the benefit of our own system [1]. One of the well-known solutions is to store that energy and then convert it into a more stable form, to transform again into electricity during high demand periods, in which the energy has a higher value. This process provides economic viability for most energy-storage projects, even for the least efficient and most common, such as battery. Gravitricity is one such system that works for the development in the energy efficiency by storing the renewable energy and then using it at the time of need, This way it balances between the supply and demand. This energy storage system makes use of simple physics concepts and help in the storage of the renewable energy.