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Re-Examining English Literature for Second Language Education in Indian Schools: A Study on Methods and Approaches

This paper focuses on the discourse of English Literature Education in India at the school level. It has been observed that the existing methods of teaching English literature in Indian schools fall short when it comes to active engagement, as a result of which it’s essence and importance in the students’ education remains dormant. Taking into account the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), this paper will testify to the paucity of critical analysis and cultural immersi on when it comes to teaching English literature and will also try to answer why English is being taught the way it is as a second language in schools with respect to the curriculum that CBSE has prescribed. This paper will explore the various reasons due to which English Literature fails to arouse considerable interest among students, primarily focusing on the methods and approaches practiced by school teachers. At the same time, this paper suggests alternative teaching methods and practices which might assist in modifying the existing trend of disinclination towards English Literature exhibited by Indian students and create amoreconducive environment for better acquisition of the language. Keywords - Literature, Methods, Social constructivism, Social atmosphere, English language teaching, English as Second language, Suggestopedia.