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Occupational Stress of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Their Gender and Teaching Subject

Teachers are the most valuable asset of the nation. They are the key position holder among all the human factors involved in any educational system; they are the only human element through which the whole process of education takes place. A teacher is now not only viewed as the transmitter of information or dispenser of wisdom; rather she is guide, assistant, diagnostician, and whenever needed-encourager, promoter, stimulator and an active/interactive participant in the educational process. With the changing demands and dynamics of education a lot more is expected out of teachers, which makes them feel stressed about their occupation and this stress hinders their growth and progress. In this research paper an attempt is made to compare the stress level of secondary school teachers in relation to their gender (Male and Female) and teaching subjects (Sciences and Languages). A sample of 200 secondary school teachers of district Amritsar of Punjab was selected randomly for the purpose. Data was collected using standardized occupational stress scale by Dr. A.K. Srivastava and afterwards the collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics like mean and standard deviation, t-test was also used to compare the means of groups. Data analysis reveals that no significant differences lies between the stress level of male and female secondary school teachers but there exists significant differences between the stress level of teachers teaching sciences and languages. Teachers teaching science subjects are high on stress level as compared to teachers teaching languages in secondary schools. Keywords - Occupational Stress, Teachers, Gender, Teaching Subjects, School.