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Fake Currency Detection using Image Processing

There are lot of malpractices that take place involving currency, in which the most common among it is duplication of it. In many cases fake currency also helps Terror groups in there funding and other illegal practices. India is a very huge country and it faces duplication of its currency at very large extent and not only India but other major economies also have same problem. This project provides a modern approach of detecting a currency by its various features like in case of Indian currency some of these are watermark, Latent Image, Fluorescence etc. This project is based on MATLAB technology and has many applications. Fake currency detection has become a major research topic over the past decade. This project aims at detecting fake currency that can be operated using a desktop application. This app Functions Wirelessly just we have to keep features of currency depending on its value. A lot of work has been done in this field but our project helps visually impaired people by telling them through an audio at the end that whether the particular currency is fake or not. We have provided audio output so it can be made clearer to the people who cannot see it with their eyes.