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The Behaviour Changes of a Student in an Online Class Environment

Online education importance has increased especially during Covid 19 lockdown where all the education institutions were shut down to contain the spread of pandemic and online education was the only mode to conduct the classes and complete the syllabus. Although online education has bought the flexibility to attend the class via different medium it has increased the stress level of the students. The stress faced by students is due to various issues faced in online class environment. The issues that students face generally in the online class environment is network unavailability, lack of understanding of concepts (reflective thinking) in online class environment, distraction faced in home while sitting in class. In this research the survey of 100 students from the various streams consisting post graduates, graduates and high school students were taken. The questions were asked on a Likert scale and some questions were open ended also. The methodology used in the study is simple percentage, regression and correlation. The final output of the result shows that due to the poor network connectivity in the online class environment the motivation level of the students is affected tremendously that leads them in to the frustration in attending the online class environment. Keywords - Distraction, Network Unavailability, Reflective Thinking, Frustration, Low Motivation