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E-Dressing Room

Virtual dressing rooms are a modern way of shopping where customers experience realistic dress fitting and order online. As it is very tiring to try the dresses and accessories at different shopping centers. We develop a dynamic virtual dressing room which is based on a webcam to capture video as input and allow the user to experience virtual dress and accessories fitting. The project focused mainly on female users as they have maximum accessories to wear. We have provided a few accessories like necklace, earrings, tiaras, goggles, tops and frocks. Every selected accessory would be shown within one frame so that the user could figure out whether its combination is suitable for her or not. We studied the behaviour of users with respect to their age group 10-15, 16-35, 36 and above. We found that 10-15 age users are using it for tiaras and goggles only and rest have mixed behaviour. People also go for couple shopping so this website will also cater their needs by superimposing selected accessories on every person in that frame of camera. Keywords - E-dressing room, Superimposition of clothes, Virtual reality, E-commerce.