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Low-Velocity Impact and Damage Prediction Sisal Fibre Reinforced Plastics Infused with Al2O3

Nowadays, the applications of natural fiber to replace synthetic fiber in the future for the benefits of low production cost, low weight, low density, bio-friendly, and high specific mechanical properties. Especially, the Sisal fiber derived from agave sisalana has great potential shortly. Sisal fibre reinforced epoxy with of 2%,4%,6%,8%,10% Al2O3. is fabricated by Hand layup and compression moulding technique. Charpy impact tests and hardness validate the mechanical properties of chopped sisal fiber. To analyse damaged fibres such as matrix cracking, fiber delamination, fiber bridging, and fiber pull-out using a scanning electron microscope. Keywords - Chopped Sisal fibre, Natural fibre, Low-velocity impact, Damage prediction.