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Identification of Drug Targets for AKT-1 in Proteus Syndrome-In Silico Docking Studies

Proteus Syndrome is a rare disorder with an estimated prevalence of <1/1,000,000, this disorder is characterized by patchy or mosaic postnatal overgrowth of different body parts. Although the exact mechanism of proteus syndrome is not known but researchers have stated that a somatic mutation in AKT-1 results in such symptoms. Our study aims to identify the drug targets in AKT-1 protein that can further be used to look for potential drug candidates for this disease, in order to do this Miransertib; a drug that has shown therapeutic effect in a teenager suffering from proteus syndrome and ovarian carcinoma has been selected to study the different type of interactions that take place to ease the process of drug discovery. Keywords - Proteus Syndrome, Overgrowth, Miransertib, AKT-1