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Innovations in Global Public Transport Systems

Public transport has evolved as a hub of innovations at a global level with different concepts like Ridesharing, Artificial Intelligence in Public Transport, Metro, Metrolight, Metroneo, Trolley bus, Intelligent Transport Management System(ITMS),Global Positioning System(GPS),Mobility-as-a-Service(MaaS),introduction of mobile apps to cater to peoples needs as per their convenience, use of bike sharing etc. Bike sharing has been introduced in India in some cities and dedicated firms catering to this field have established themselves. Public Transport in India is in a nascent stage and developments are taking place slowly as requirement for travelling, is taking its place. Pollution is taking its toll and this has driven the need for pollution free vehicles. Electric buses are starting to be operated with the Indian government incentivizing the use of these buses by providing subsidy to bus operators and State governments which are using them. Transport promotes area wise development hence the concept of Transit Oriented Development(TOD) is being used.This paper gives an overview of what are the different types of new concepts developed world over in the field of Public Transport. Keywords - Innovations, Global, Public Transport, Electric buses, Mobility- as-a-Service, Bike sharing, Ride Sharing, Electric Buses