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IOT based System Implementation for Secure Financial Transactions using RFID & GSM

Now a days security is the main concern of every interaction. It is always desirable to have more safe and secure system especially for banking and financial transactions. Day by day every system is becoming smart, in this article a try is done to implement a smart lock security system based on RFID and GSM. Here a system with 3 level securities is developed which is giving a very good results with more security and safety features. At first level by swapping RFID tag, enrollment of user is done, after enrollment; fingerprint sensor module will give second level of security. After two level of security one time password will get generated this will help in third level of security in the system. The system is IoT based to make it smarter & more secure. The implemented system had word so efficiently that the results are obtained on various sample data with different combinations. At every front the system is giving the expected results and it is proved to be a one of the safe and secure system for financial transactions. Keywords - RFID, Fingerprint scanner, GSM, OTP, Internet of Things (IoT)