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Implementation of Lean for Project Management Improvement Using DMAIC Methodology

The transforming Automotive industry needs robust Project Management to make the product faster, cheaper and in a better way. Lean philosophy deals with improving the production process by elimination of waste in the form of Muda, Mura and Muri. Elimination of waste improves the flow of the process thereby increasing the overall speed of the production process. Implementation of lean in Project Management is about applying this lean philosophy to Project Management processes. Project Management Process has wastes/problem areas/pain areas in the form of non-value adding/redundant activities, inconsistencies & bottlenecks which unnecessarily consumes valuable efforts of the Project Managers.This paper deals with identifying the wastes/problem areas/pain areas in Project Management Processes of a leading AutomotiveSupplier Company & implementing solutions to eliminate waste from their processes to run the project more efficiently and to deliver better results to the customers thereby making the existing Project Management Process Robust. For this we have implemented lean using DMAIC methodology which helped in systematic implementation of Lean in Project Management domain. Keywords - Lean, DMAIC, Project Management