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Review on the Various Approach for Investment Recommendations for Sensex Stocks in the Indian Stock Market

The research investigates the various methods that can be combined to build an integrated model that predicts accurate suggestions for both short and long-term investors. Most of the researches use machine learning techniques to predict the prices in the stock market by focusing on either fundamental, sentimental or technical analysis. Investor’s decisions are influenced by the sentiments and emotions prevailing in the market. Now the Investments are being made using sentiments and technical tools in the stock market. Nevertheless, the decisions are prone to errors because of the non-consideration of prominent fundamental factors that are influencing the market. So, this study focuses on evaluating various approaches that can be combined to give more accurate suggestions for the investors. This Integrated approach has been used to know the investment decisions on a long-term basis and short-term basis by combining fundamental vs sentimental analysis. Keywords - Sentimental Analysis, Sensex, Random Forest Classifier Model