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Digitization of Public Transport in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka in India

Public transport has now become a technology intensive field and has become a hub of experimentation of information technology. New concepts in operation and vehicle technology are evolving and affording scope for development of mobility sector. Globally new models like Ridesharing, Artificial Intelligence in Public Transport, Metro, Metrolight, Metroneo, Trolleybus, Intelligent Transport Management System(ITMS),Global Positioning System(GPS),Mobility-as-a-Service(MaaS),introduction of mobile apps-to offer service at door stepare helping commuters avail means of transport as and where required.New types of fuel are being developed to control rising pollution levels which is the result of rising population and more number of vehicles on road.Electric vehicles,bio fuel,Hydrogen Fuel cell,CNG etc are few forms of new fuel technologies being developed. Intelligent Transport Management System which includes Electronic Ticketing Machines(ETM),Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based fuel filling,web based ticket booking and use of GPS in keeping track of vehicles is widely being used for commercial and personal modes. State Transport Corporations in India are also using these technologies in Public commuting. Karnataka was the first state in the Country to use ITMS in Public Transport and thus improved efficiency and comfort of commuters and won most awards of all State Road Transport Corporations.This paper attempts to analyse the use of modern technological innovations in Public Transport. Keywords - Digitization, Public Transport, Intelligent Transport Management System, GPS, UPSRTC, KSRTC