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“SVM and KNN are Novel Data Mining Algorithms for Thermal Image Processing: A Comparative Study of Different Data Mining Algorithms”

Image mining is one of the important techniques in data mining, which involved in multiple disciplines like video surveillance, biometry, biomedical imaging, industrial visual inspection, vehicle navigation, remote sensing and robot navigation. It is very helpful to classify the thermal images in a large image dataset. It is a computational process of determining patterns in large data. Image classification refers the cataloging the images into a number of predefined sets. It’s also includes image preprocessing, feature extraction, object detection, object classification, object segmentation etc. Image classification produce the accurate results in their target class for each case in the data. The aim of this study compares the some predominant data mining algorithms in image classification. For this comparative study the SVM, CART, KNN, Artificial Neural Network, Chaos Genetic Algorithm are taken. Keywords - Image Mining, Image Classification, Data Mining Algorithm, Classification Accuracy.