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Detection and Classification of Different Types of Tumor using Image Analysis and CNN

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology are the future of the medical field. Day-to-day scanning of the body parts is analyzed and diseases are detected using advanced ML and deep learning techniques. In cancer, abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and it destroys the body tissue. Early detection and diagnosis of cancer significantly improve patient survival rates and quality of life. It also reduces the cost and complexity of cancer treatment. This paper aims at developing ML models that give an accurate result and helps in detecting a tumor in the brain, breast and skin from the input image (MRI, Histopathological, and skin patches) using CNN. The model output is further available on GUI, making it user-friendly and easy for diagnosis. The result obtained can be used by the medical fraternity for the early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Keywords - Health Informatics, Cancer, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Prediction, Classification, Convolution Neural Network (CNN), Deep Learning, Website Development, Graphical User Interface (GUI).