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The Spatial Spillover Effects of Transportation Infrastructure on Economic Development in China

Transportation infrastructure is the foundation and supporting condition of the economic development of a country or province. The degree of transportation construction is closely related to economic development. Previous studies on transportation infrastructure and economic development by scholars lacked spatial considerations. However, in reality, the planning and construction of transportation infrastructure should not only be based on local economic development, but also have spillover effects on the surrounding areas. Therefore, from a spatial perspective, this paper selects panel data of 31 provinces in China from 2003 to 2019 to study the existence, degree and direction of spatial spillover effects of transportation infrastructure on economic development. Then, through LR test, Wald test and Log likelihood test, the model with the best fitting effect was selected from SAR model, SEM model and SDM model for spatial econometric regression analysis. Keywords - Transportation Infrastructure, Economic Development, Spatial Econometrics, Spillover Effects