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Nitric Acid Functionalised MWCNT and Analysis of their Compositional Morphological Modifications

Multi wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) were acid treated with mild concentration of 5M nitric acid, and analyzed for its surface modification, defects and attached functional groups. FTIR (Fourier transform spectroscopy) revealed the functional groups attached to the nanotubes were found to be by nitric acid treatment analyzed for its carbon oxygen and other trace metal composition attached. Imaging of CNTs using FESEM (Field emission scanning electron microscopy) showed no much damage has happened to the tubes. EDX (energy dispersive X-Ray analysis) gives the compositional details using which the atomic weight percentage of the carbon and oxygen were studied that also gives additional information of the impurities having removed. Mild concentration of nitric acid treatment does not damage the nanotubes and successfully attach functional groups, hence the CNTs are surface modified with oxygenation.