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Seasonal Variations of Water Quality Parameters – The Indicators of Water Quality in Inavolu Lake, Warangal District, Telangana State

The present study was designed to observe the Seasonal variation and interrelationship among the physico chemical characteristics of the Inavolu Lake situated at Warangal District,Telangana State. The different physico chemical parameters were determined for the period of one year i.e., from February 2019 to January 2020 to analyse the water quality parameters. Water samples were collected from the lake and analyzed using the Standard laboratory methods and procedures. The Physicochemical parameters such as Water temperature, pH, Dissolved oxygen, Transparency, Turbidity, Total Dissolved Solids, Chlorides, Ammonia, Biological Oxygen Demand, Phosphates, free CO2 and Alkalinity were analyzed. All the values of these parameters were found to be within the prescribed standard limits. The results showed either positive or negative correlation between the parameters indicating that parameters are interrelated with one another. The fish fauna of this lake represents with 31 species belonging to 13 families. This shows that this lake has rich biodiversity of fish fauna. Water of this Lake which is built for storing water to be used for irrigation, seems to be of good quality. As such fish are also cultured here. Keywords - Seasonal Variation, Water Quality, Physico-chemical Parameters, Inavolu Lake.