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ECG Front End Acquisition and Filtering Design for Clinical Use

An electrocardiograph (ECG) records the signals received from heart. These signals are used to examine functioning of the heart. This paper presents a design of ECG analog front end acquisition system. The design includes protection circuit and filtering circuit. The protection circuit is designed to protect the circuitry from leakage current and electrostatic discharges. Filtering circuit is designed to filter out the common mode noise that corrupts the actual ECG signal. Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) analysis and noise analysis is done on the designed circuit. CMRR analysis is done in two cases and the results are compared. The total noise of the circuit is calculated manually and through simulation as well. The designed circuit is tested with simulated ECG signal source for proper functionality. The design is simulated using the TINA-TI software from Texas Instruments. The obtained CMRR and noise analysis results are compared with the IEC-60601-2-25 safety standards. The result obtained by connecting a simulated ECG signal source is compared with the given inputs for measuring the performance of the designed circuit. Keywords - ECG, Analog front-end, CMRR, Filtering.