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Digitalization of Banking Sector-Issues and Challenges

The modern world in which we are living is dominated by the concept called *Digitalization". The government of India recently announced Digital India Programme with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The concept of digitalization has been playing major role in all sectors of the economy and banking sector is not exception to it. Digitalization has become decisive for Indian Banking sector, which plays major role in furthering financial inclusion and which is mainly concerned with providing better services to customers along with an opportunity to gain more in near future. Indian banking sector is achieving tremendous growth in recent years, encouraging higher amount of capital formation, which is because of digitalization of banking. Even though Indian banking sector is moving towards digitalization, there are various issues and challenges to be addressed. This paper is an attempt made to analyze the issues and challenges in Digitalization of Banking sector. Keywords - Digitalization, Banking Sector, Growth, Issues and Challenges