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Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen Source on Production of Biosurfacant by Bacillus Species SPTSS1

Biosurfacatant are surface active compound produced by some bacteria, yeast and mold as the part of their membrane structure. There are various type of microorganisms studied capable of producing biosurfactant by utilizing hydrocarbon compounds as source of carbon and energy. In this study biosurfactant producing organism was isolated from drained water left after boiling corn supplemented with ghee. Composition of culture medium was optimized to increase the yield of biosurfactant production by isolated bacteria named as SPTSS1.Biosurfactant produced, under optimized condition was characterized in terms of emulsification activity, drop collapse activity and oil displacement activity. Optimal medium for biosurfactant production was studied with different carbon and nitrogen sources. Keywords - Biosurfactant, Hydrocarbons, Optimization