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Production and Purification of Cellulase from Microorganisms Isolated from Soil and Determination of their Efficiency for Degradation of Various Cellulose Rich Feedstocks

Cellulase is not a single enzyme. It is a group of enzymes which is responsible for degradation of cellulose. This process is known as cellulolysis. Cellulase is mainly produced by fungi, bacteria and protozoa. Microorganisms capable of producing cellulase are found in soil and cellulose rich sites. This enzyme can be easily isolated and purified for various industrial applications. Here an attempt was made to isolate cellulase producing microorganisms from soil. Cellulase was produced under optimized condition and purified. Not only this, microorganisms were also analyzed for their ability to degrade various cellulose rich feedstocks. Based on the results of the study, it was found that among the various isolates, species of Streptomyces are the one the key producer of cellulase. They can be easily grown in laboratory conditions. Purification of enzyme has shown that the enzyme has good catalytic activity after purification. It was also found that these microorganisms can efficiently degrade verities of feedstocks. Keywords - Cellulase, Soil, Streptomyces, Various Feedstocks