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Study of Organizational Climate and Employees Work Performance in Liquor Industry in India

Organizational climate represents the condition of the organization’s culture and the most common management issue faced by organization in this present day is search for creative flexible work environment that promotes job satisfaction and innovation. Being drained by fiscal constraint, downsizing, and outsourcing requires organization to change dynamics in the workforce that is accommodating. As today’s businesses continue to struggle to survive or acquire sustainable competitive advantage, it is important for organizations to better understand the factors that influence employees and important employee-oriented work outcomes. The growing significance placed on understanding employees and their behavior within the organization has produced a great deal of interest in investigating employee perceptions of climate within the organization. Liquor industries are operating in a highly competitive scenario and they are bound by strict compliance and excise norms and law. There are a lot of restrictions imposed by the government on advertisement and promotion of liquor and even surrogate advertisement is controlled to a great extent. In this scenario, liquor industries rely heavily on their manpower for higher productivity in order to get an edge over competition and it is pertinent to note that they need to differentiate themselves from each other. The Organizational climate varies from organization to organization and from time to time in the case of same organization. Organization climate may have positive and negative effect on employee behavior and in return organizational performance. For organizations, the ‘climate’ may be regarded in absolute terms and measured by instruments, but is ‘felt’ differently by individuals. The absolute climate may suit one person and not another. “What it’s like to work here” or ‘How I feel when I work here”. Climate is worthwhile to understand and measure because there are organizational and human benefits a ‘good’ climate, and powerful disadvantages of many kinds of bad climate. So it is necessary that the management of corporations should strive to create a congenial organizational climate in the organizations to improve the economic condition of the country. Keywords - Organizational Climate, Work Performance, Liquor Industry, Dimensions of Organizational Climate, Determinants of Organizational Climate, Organizational Climate Questionnaire (OCQ).