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Analysis and Performance of Reliable Integration between Smart Micro – Grid and Distribution Network

The electric power, large and complex system is managed through power system community. This network system is featured by connecting varying renewable sources. Micro – network technology in modern days plays a role which interfaces the distributed energy generating system and smart grid. This acts as a self -controlling, self -healing, self – managing system. A representative model of micro-grid which contains wind power and photovoltaic generation is assembled and simulated based on MATLAB – SMULINK. By doing this simulation the necessary needs of reliability between the micro-grid and the external grid is analyzed. The PV system is built and simulated, certain DC voltage is obtained then wind generation system is built and simulated, DC voltage is obtained by converting AC to DC using rectifier. Both DC output voltage of PV system and wind turbine system are combined and given to DC-AC converter. Finally AC output voltage is fed into the grid. Keywords - Distributed Generation, Micro-grid, Integration