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Applicant Recruiting Chat BOT

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of artificial intelligence chatbots on the recruiting process. The study investigated how chatbots can be used to draw and involve applicants in the recruiting process. The study's aim is to determine how chatbots affect the recruiting process. Artificial intelligence chatbots are very productive tools in the recruiting process, according to the paper, and they can be useful in developing a recruitment policy for the industry. Furthermore, it relies on resolving difficult problems in the recruiting process. About the fact that the artificial intelligence recruiting process is gaining traction among researchers, there is still room for exploration in the area. Future research directions in the field of chatbots and recruiters were presented in the study. Human resource management and staffing, in particular, are undergoing relentless transition, owing to the growing digitalization of the workplace. Automating workflow phases with emerging technology is one way to increase productivity in automated recruitment. A chatbot, when used in the field of recruitment, will open up a new line of contact between an organization and prospective candidates. Using IBM Watson, this paper explores the motivators and obstacles to using a chatbot for recruitment, as well as the candidates' aspirations and preferences for chatbot architecture. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence; Chatbots; Recruitment Process; Candidates Experiences; IBM Watson.