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Research Paper on Face Detection and Recognition Using Open CV and Python

In this digital age, the face recognition system plays an important role in almost every field. Face recognition is one of the most widely used biometrics. It can be used for security, authenticity, identification, and has many benefits. In addition to the low accuracy compared to the known iris and finger recognition, it is widely used due to its contact and non -contact mechanism. In addition, the face recognition system can also be used to mark attendees at schools, colleges, offices, etc. The program aims to create a student visit system that uses the concept of face recognition as the current student attendance system is time consuming and difficult to maintain. And there may be a chance for a proxy to exist. Therefore, the need for this program is increasing. The program consists of sections with data structure, face detection, facial recognition, retrieval of attendees. Database is created by images of students in the classroom. Face detection and identification were performed using the Haar - Cascade and Local Binary Pattern Histogram algorithm respectively. Faces are available and monitored in class live streaming video. Attendees will be referred to the appropriate category at the end of the session. Keywords - Recognition, Open CV, Python, AI.