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Militarized Hand Gesture Controlled Robot

This paper presents a hand gesture-controlled robot that can be used to control external devices with simple commands. The gesture-controlled robot is equipped with an accelerometer and a microcontroller. This paper describes how to control a robotic device without using remote or switches. Instead, it uses an intelligent system that can identify the hand movements and sends a command to the robot. A device controlled by with an ease of gestures. The system comprises of various electronic circuits and components along with computer programs. We know that a soldier’s life is nothing but danger. Well, some of the crucial tasks can be more dangerous than others, which of those can be simplified with aid of technology. Those include walking through minefields, recon missions, surveillance, spying, negotiations. For these specific tasks, a small unit of robotic system could be deployed instead. This can save hundreds of lives of soldiers or even more. Since the robot is to be militarized, it can be made to carry out unsafe and recurring jobs with quite high precision and same. A robot with a blend of enthusiastic tech and military accuracy. Keywords - Gesture recognition, Accelerometer, Gesture controlled robot, Accelerometer controlled robot