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Design and Development of Surveillance – Based Army Helping Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The aim of this Project is to design and implement a cost-effective as well as multitasking Potent Military-helping Artificial Intelligence based Prototype of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). In this Paper, the salient features of the UGV have been briefly described. This project would be of great significance to the Indian army as such systems are scarce in the country, and would be of great help to tackle sensitive situations where Human intervention is not possible. This UGV is capable of conducting Surveillance, Bomb detection and defusing, Laser targeting, and can be remotely controlled with the help of Bluetooth Module, and Radio Frequency Controller. The major feature of the UGV is that it is self-exploding, in case it gets into unfavorable situations, which makes it highly secure. This UGV will be a perfect solution to major challenges faced in the military sector today. Keywords - Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), Army Helping Vehicle, Surveillance robot, Bluetooth-Controlled robot, Radio Frequency Regulated, Infra-Red Sensors, Arduino-Based, Sensors.