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Approaches for Recognizing Facial Emotions: A Survey

People's feelings can be expressed in simple words. Emotional factors have a significant impact on social intelligence, such as communication comprehension, decision- making, and the ability to comprehend human behavior. The expressions on people's faces reveal a variety of emotions. According to a psychological study, nonverbal body posture and gestures are more effective in expressing emotions than spoken speech. Emotion recognition, also known as Affective Computing (AC), is an AI-related field where computers are taught to recognize human emotions. In the last few decades, emotion recognition has been a hot research topic. The purpose of this work is to present a complete and illustrative analysis of the most common emotion recognition methods that are commonly employed in emotion recognition situations. We were inspired by the fact that there isn't a comprehensive examination of all feasible approaches implementations in the literature. This publication gives an up-to-date, thorough assessment of emotion recognition techniques. Keywords - Emotions, Emotion Recognition, Facial Image, Human Computer Interaction, Facial Emotion Recognition.