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Designing and Simulation Analysis of Robotic Bee Model

Times are changing, and it’s very omnipresent with the modernization encircling our life. Perhaps, this is a giant leap for humankind, although it has very derogator symptoms for our Environment, and as a result, the smaller creatures which are holding the pillar of our micro-environment are crippling. Bees are the topic in focus here, is vitality for our agriculture to nurture and stay potent. In our journal, we cover how Robotic bees can take up the task of pollination and end the era of pollination scarcity. Introducing a robot Bee, assembled with smart sensors designed compact and lightweight capable of performing many tasks under various environmental conditions. An outstanding bio-inspired micro aerial vehicle focusing on pollination & soil pH measurement. To design and simulate the design, we used fusion 360. Software to model and carry out stress tests, such as tensile, crash tests, and how much maximum load it can carry out. Moreover, this thorough analysis gives us a perfect picture of how the miniature model will work in real-time. To avoid using any heavy software to control our robots, we will rely on machine-learning where electronic chips work to execute a task. Using IOT – internet of things gives us an edge over normal AI-controlled robot. Keywords - Robo-bee, Internet of things, Augmented reality, machine learning, Auto-desk 360.