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Design of Formwork Using Excel

As civil engineering structures are growing in dimension and longevity, faster and economical and qualitative construction is also becoming popular. This Factor totally depends on construction materials and Labour. One such material is formwork which requires so much of money to purchase and its durability depends on number of times we use and for which type of element we use and Designing formwork is necessary. But manually designing the formwork is very tedious, time consuming and lengthy work. In order to make it easy and quicker we can design it using software’s or programs available in the market. At this period of time in market for formwork many types of materials is available for eg, wooden, aluminum, Mivan, Steel etc. Selection of materials is also one such problem because every materials has its own advantage and disadvantage. In this project we going to design a formwork and going to compare its advantage and disadvantage over another type of material just like Benefits cost economic analysis. Keywords - Formwork, Design of Formwork, Shuttering, Software, Formwork Design Using Software.