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Recomendation of Electric Scooter Using Fuzzy Logic

Today's the world is moving towards electrification and with the revolution, there is even a revolution in the field of automobiles with the launch of various electric vehicles. As the market has various electrical vehicles of different companies, the customer is always confused about which one to buy as different brands have different functions of a vehicle such as power, speed, battery capacity. The project will help a customer to select the right vehicle using fuzzy logic. The project uses fuzzy logic to show the output when input is selected as ride range the output will show top speed, battery capacity, and max power. Fuzzy Logic is used with Neural Networks as it mimics how a person would make decisions, only much faster. The project uses the fuzzy logic toolbox available in MATLAB in fuzzy logic toolbox Mamdani method is used to execute the output. The fuzzy logic designer layout displaying one input and three output. The fuzzy logic uses the Mamdani system. Keywords - Fuzzy Logic, Prediction, Electric Scooter, Fuzzy Toolbox.