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Natural Convection Heat Transfer and Optimization Study From Five Protruding IC Chips Mounted on A PCB –A Numerical Approach

The manuscript compares the heat transfer enactment from five identical and symmetric protruding discrete IC chips positioned on a three-dimensional vertical substrate board under natural convection. 3D, steady-state numerical analysis are carried out using COMSOL v 4.2 for different heat source configurations subjected to variable volumetric heat generation rate. The various designs of heat sources are identified by proposing the distance, λ. It is observed that temperature excess decreases with increase of λ. The study is carried out for uniform and non-uniform spacing (following Golden Mean Ratio, GMR) of IC chips on the substrate board. The configuration of heat sources following GMR leads to a temperature drop of 10% as compared to their uniform spacing. An empirical correlation is put forward for the (θexcess) in terms of dimensionless distance parameter (λ), non-dimensional position parameter (z), and non-dimensional volumetric heat generation (q*v). Keywords - COMSOL Multi-physics; Discrete heat source (IC chip); Golden mean ratio