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Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma Review

Six Sigma is a methodology used for process improvement. It was introduced by an American engineer while working in Motorola Company in late 80’s. This process has a significance of carrying out process in such a way that in a million opportunities carried out 3.4 opportunities are non-conforming. Lately Six Sigma has spread worldwide and become well known in corporate industry. Term Six Sigma in applied in industries to show the measure of excellence and quality in an organization. Six Sigma study only shows the formless perception and technical aspects of the process but there is more to it, it’s not just a training program but a kind of culture an organization can develop by its implementation. Lean Manufacturing is a technique that is used to reduce waste in manufacturing processes. In lean manufacturing the goal is to give the customer exact quality, quantity & price point as expected by the customer. Keywords - Six Sigma, Lean, DMAIC, DMADV.