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Re-Evaluating Marketing Strategies post Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every business in the world. It’s been almost a year and a half and the pandemic still continues, making businesses, small and corporate, vulnerable to its effects causing downturn in the business cycle. It has changed how we look at almost any and all aspects of business, like finance, management, strategic and operations management, supply chain, sales and most importantly marketing. The pandemic has also caused a major shift in how consumers look at a product, and these shifts are most likely to stay even after the pandemic is over. One of the industries the pandemic has affected drastically is the food industry. Being one of the largest industries in the world, food industry supplies food to the whole world with the help of its diversified businesses. This research paper has reviewed existing literature and secondary sources which a food business company can opt for during or post covid-19. This research paper also showcases the reasons that changing marketing strategies are an important part of post pandemic food business structure. Keywords - Business, Covid-19, Food industry, Marketing, Pandemic.