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Appropriate Technology for Package Type Sewage Treatment Plant

Water supply and sanitation are the two basic needs that affect people’s standard of living. When sewage is exposed to an open environment without any treatment, there are chances of health hazards. Conveying the sewage to the central treatment facility and its safe disposal is the major concern of wastewater management authorities. Cost and resources are the major constraints to maintain this huge infrastructure. To tackle this, a decentralized wastewater treatment system (DWTS) is evolved. DWTS consists of a combination of the septic tank, Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR), Sequential batch reactor (SBR)activated sludge process (ASP), moving-bed biofilm reactor(MBBR), etc. Wastewater treatment plants can never be a revenue-generating model as the product is treated water and a small fraction of sludge. To make it economically feasible, recycling and reusing wastewater at the point of generation can solve water issues to a great extent. When one or more unit operations incorporated into a single system for wastewater treatment is known as the package wastewater treatment system. The commercially available package systems in the market are energy-intensive and have high capital costs. Hence there is a need for a package treatment system incorporated with less energy-intensive and natural treatment. The present study is focused on the development of a highly efficient, compact, user-friendly and economical system incorporated with natural treatment in order to serve the needs of developing countries. Keywords - Appropriate Technology, Package Type Sewage Treatment Plant.