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Total Quality Management in Industry 4.0

Quality Management is a workflow that takes into consideration all the tasks and activities that are very essential for an industry to maintain its level of conformity of the products that are being manufactured. Due to its abilities to change the level of excellence of the products it is been into practice by almost all the industries in order to dominate its competition. In today’s world it has been a priority to maintain the quality standards in order to have a good product capture in the market. Now when the industries are moving towards the implementation of INDUSTRY 4.0, similarly the quality management is believed to be anchored by the digitalization as to get the most efficiency in the processes. In this review we will be having an overview about the link between the QUALITY MANAGEMENT with the INDUSTRY 4.0 mechanics to improve the overall quality. Keywords - Industry 4.0, IIoT in Quality, Quality Management, Quality Management 4.0.