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Automated GD&T Inspection in Industry 4.0

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is a type of framework that is used for providing a good communication between the designers, manufacturers, the quality inspection to convey the design specifications effectively and efficiently. The GD&T has been into application since the very start of the machine component assembly designing without being named. However, now almost all industries have been emphasizing on the term GD&T. The most obvious area where many companies struggle is quality inspection. The inspection process is the process that requires a lot of human interaction. Also, the inspection process is the one that strictly requires skilled labor and quality inspector. In many industries, the idea of 3D scanning isn't new at all but the implementation of that is done for creation of 3D CAD or modeling of parts. However, the approach of using 3D scanning for inspection is hardly explored. This study is a reference to using the 3D-scanner through a specific procedure for getting automated inspection. The testing of the framework is done using a very common yet effective example of the stepped bar on which geometric and dimensional inspection was carried out. This new framework/process would be most welcomed into new upcoming industries and also the industries that have been established long back for the quick, easy and a very reliable process that is also known for reducing the human intervention into the process. Keywords - Automated Inspection, CAD, GD&T, Industry 4.0, 3D-scanning.