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Automated Control of Hydraulic System Using PLC

With Industry 4.0 on its implementation track automation has become the priority for all the applications which will assist the industry in having lesser production time and workers with more productivity. The study review that is to be practiced was to automate the hydraulic press machine with the help of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). In the industries the current trend is to use a semi-automated hydraulic machine for the process of assembling and dis-assembling of the motor parts; this process is carried out in a high- pressure environment. The high pressure that is included in the process leads to damages that harm the productivity. This study reviews the automation of hydraulic press machine using the programmable logic control (PLC). The Control unit of PLC is connected with the limit switch. The switch will assist the movement of the solenoid in the hydraulic press machine. This will in all help the machine to increase the productivity along with reducing the accidents caused during the process. Keywords - Hydraulic, Hydraulic Press, Programming, PLC.