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A Novel Approach for Formulation of Mathematical Model for Improving Quality of Mould Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

The greensand moulding process is normally employed to produce large-sized castings like the base of a machine and its components, structures, engine blocks, large housings, transmission cases, connecting rods, and other large components that other processes cannot cast. The quality of the casting produced by the green sand moulding activity depends upon the number of parameters such as the green sand compression strength, porosity, temperature of molten metal, cooling time. Small foundries where a human is involved in interacting with the tools to complete the process usually accept the greensand moulding process. While working on the moulding process, the labour has to work in various psychological moods, stress-strain, without training on ergonomic posture, in unusual environmental factors such as temperature, vibrations, noise, dust which affects the quality of the mould. The manual moulding process includes the worker and his working environment, such as his posture while lifting the moulding box, tools used in the moulding process, amount of energy input by the worker, anthropometric data of the workers, working conditions such as humidity, temperature, surrounding noise, etc. also influence the quality of the mould. This paper attempts to develop a mathematical model to relate the quality of mould with various parameters and identify the most sensitive parameter to control the casting quality. Keywords - Sand Moulding, Quality of Mould, Mathematical Models, ANN Simulation.