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Motorcycle Side Stand Design Optimization

The side stand is used for supporting a parked motorcycle. Now a days, vehicle weight is going on increasing since higher cc vehicle/2W trend has been increasing. Hence “Side Stand” plays important role in vehicle safety. Side stand in two wheelers supports the entire weight of the vehicle when it is parked. They are perfect on quick stop when one need to leave the vehicle for short while. They are provided with the spring that pulls it back into position to ensure extra safety. This research paper deals with the “Side Stand” design optimization in-terms of,1. Safety, 2. Design improvements 3. Rigidity i.e., stiffness optimization. Basic mechanical engineering techniques are used to determine/optimize the design parameters with the use of various resources (CAE, Test equipment, CAD software etc.). Improved design (Forged type Side Stand) tested for On-road vehicle testing & found improved, more reliable & safer. Keywords - 2W, Motorcycle, Side stand Design, AIS standard, Regulation, Safety, Design & Development.