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Word Press: Easy and Powerful Tool for Website Development for Beginners

This research paper is a general study of what is actually website building using most efficient modern applications and software. One of such software is wordpress which is very high technology software for website building. The main reason behind people using wordpress is lack of knowledge of front-end programming language. People who do not like or do not want to code for building or developing website can simply use wordpress. This paper illustrates how this powerful tool has helped a lot of businesses to grow on internet or on web. Several Business scenarios are being illustrated here and how they are related to web development and how the used wordpress for the same. All the key elements such as purpose, methodology, strong point of using this technology are being mentioned here as a form of study. Not only wordpress but also study related to other essential aspects and techniques of web development are being mentioned here. This study is not only limited to just developing a website but also include how to build responsive websites that are compatible with mobiles and tablets as well. There are also some studies based on hosting the website on web. So, overall this study is based on complete set of techniques involved in website development process. Keywords - Devs, Web Development, Word Press, Website