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Indicart: E-Commerce Website

From the last few years, people are working more and more to earn more. According to a study held in 2018, 70 per cent of the Indian population work 12hrs a day by this it is the fact that people are able to save less time from their hectic schedule. People tend to work more and get less time for their day-to-day work, such as shopping. As Indians, we like shopping, but from a strict schedule of the city, we can't spend much time in it. Even buying a product online buyer firstly gets the news about the product then they choose the product, then compare it, review it and then buy the product. But this is also a time taking process where a buyer will visit three different portals for this work. Our system will provide buyers with these three features in one portal, there will be no need for galloping around different websites. This project simply works on the phenomenon of "shopping made easy". Keywords - Indian, Product, Shopping, Schedule, Buying, Websites