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Imitation Jewelry Application Using Android

The advent of mobile start-ups has opened doors for companies to find customers through downloadable mobile apps. These applications extend the help of advanced telecommunications and enable consumers to perform a variety of tasks easily. These programs have also generated great interest due to the involvement of top clients. Applications are made using many software platforms. But the Android studio is one of the most popular ways to make an android application. Everything starts with developing an Android application project for mobiles and tablets which goes with app's development modules. When a developer wants to create a new Android project that complies with Android Studio itself, Android Studio allows choosing one of the best SDK versions of the program. The only thing a user needs to is build the app and open it on the device after creating the application project. If a user has a device attached to a developer with a compatible version of the Android SDK, they can create a visual Android device launch app. Basic required blocks are available for Android apps and Android Studio capabilities. Keywords - Software Development Kit (SDK), Android, Manifest file, Android Studio, Extensible Markup Language (XML).